Sidewinder Photo Gallery

Below are illustrations of customer installed Sidewinder rotating
sidearms. Click the thumbnails for the full size photos. Please
send E-mail to Robin Midgett K4IDC for further information.

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K4XR DUAL SW55 installation near Hartselle, Alabama:

The higher of the two Sidewinders supports an M2 4el 15 M (15M4DX) on a 27 ft boom. The lower of the two Sidewinders supports an M2 4el 10 M (10M4DX) on a 24 ft boom.

This single tower has antennas for 160-2M. The antenna at the very top of the mast is a Cushcraft 13B2 at 92 ft, followed by a Cushcraft 30/17/12 M rotatable dipole at 87 Ft, a K1FO 6M beam at 82 Ft, and directly on top of the tower at  78 ft  is a Force 12 four element 20M, two element forty meter on a 30 foot boom (EF-420/240).

The tower supports an 80M (wire) inverted vee from a point about 6 inches below the top.  The tower itself is shunt fed on 160.


N4PYI SW45 installation in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

The tower is Rohn 45G, 100 feet in height. The H.F. Yagi is a Cushcraft A4S, supported by a SW45 at 60 feet. This installation has the optional thrust bearing shelf installed, which is the middle shelf. The chosen thrust bearing is made by Yaesu. The rotator was not installed at the time these photos were made, which demonstrates the added convenience of the thrust bearing shelf. Click on the thumbnails for the full size photos.